I am Samantha.

and im so glad you found me.

I am the sole photographer behind Samantha Byrd Photography.  I have just moved from Oahu, Hawaii to the beautiful Savannah, GA.  Living on Oahu has let me fly my free spirit flag high, with too many adventures to count. My two children and husband are my favorite adventure buddies, we love taking advantage of every chance we get to soak up all that this amazing chain of islands has to offer. In my free time I love hanging out at Lanikai beach, Snorkeling with the honu and spending time with my family and friends,  almost as much as I love working on creating beautiful memories for my clients. I cant wait to get to start capturing moments in Savannah and meet new families! My husband will be getting out of the Marine Corps and we have decided to make this our forever home. As we settle into our Richmond Hill home I am looking forward to all the new adventures we will have!

I get asked all the time what got me into birth photography. Honestly it was the lack of images I had of my own births. For my daughter I had hired a birth photographer but during my own personal struggles through labor I had my husband tell her not to come. It was such a whim decision because birth was not
going how I had planned for it to go, I didn’t think it was going to be anything worth capturing. I was so far into my head, I lost sight of the bigger picture.

For my second child, we were in the middle of moving to Oahu, so it was just not really an option for us. Looking back, I deeply regret not having her come, but that is a blog for another day! I hold on dearly to the images my husband captured for us. Birth is empowering and I wish I had quality images of my own births to look back on and remember. I believe if i had those images of my daughter being born it would help with the healing of birth trauma. I love being able to provide documentation of such an amazing moment for my clients that I wish I had for myself. 

I love getting to know and work with fellow birth professionals in the area. From midwives to doulas,  having a birth team that can work together cohesively only adds to your positive birth experience.  I now have the pleasure of calling these people my friends and can't wait to find the same community in Savannah

Lets talk Birth

Its not always the idea you have in your head

Why are these important? Well your only going to have this baby one time.  One thing I love about my mom is that she is my biggest fan, she comments and shows love on everything and with that comes all her knowledge.  She is always telling me how awesome it is that this is "the thing" now.  When she had babies birth photographers were not a thing and neither were maternity sessions. They did come by and do some newborn images in the hospital but it was just a portrait of baby's face. There is no documentation of those times and she wishes there was. I seriously love that she feels that way and it just solidifies my love for documenting these time for women.  Your body is amazing. Your amazing. Lets show it off. Lets  document all those little snuggles and swaddles and you and your family enjoying those first moments together as a family with a fresh 48 newborn session. Do it all, I promise you wont regret the memories. 

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Fresh 48 Newborns and Maternity 


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