A Charleston Home Birth

Hey Savannah area mamas! It has been a long time since I was allowed in someone’s sacred birth space. Not because my clients didn’t want me there, but because Covid-19 is still wreaking havoc on labor around the country.

So many babies are being born without a father present, without moms trusted Doula side kick and without your loving birth photographer there to capture these amazing memories for you. (It hurts my heart just as much as yours mama)!

The unexpected outcome has been moms turning even more to the home birth settings to save their idea of what birth should be for them! I was so excited when one of my clients reached out to let me know she was switching to home birth in her Charleston home and that I was welcome to join them! When I got the call that she was thinking it was time, I loaded up within minutes to head her way. So excited to document her journey to motherhood.

SAM YOU ARE ONE AMAZING MAMA! Labor is hard work and you did the thing so beautifully and brought the most handsome boy into the world. Getting to witness the love of your family grow was so sweet. So I thank you again for trusting me enough to document such a special day!

Samantha Byrd offers birth photography services to the Savannah, GA, and surrounding areas. To book: Coastalbirth.com

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