10 things you didn’t know about your Savannah Birth Photographer

If your considering inviting me into your birth space the least I can do it tell you a little about myself! So here is a list of 10 things you didn’t know about me. I hope this will give you a little insight about me and who I am as a person!

1. WE ARE HEADING TO Savannah, GA. Maybe you did know that because its on my website but I am so excited for my family to have a normal life together. I look forward to the day that my husband can enjoy all the aspects of parenthood. I am hopeful this will be the last time I have to move my business. I cant wait to meet all the amazing birth workers in the area and build some relationships.

2. Birth are my passion. If you couldn’t tell my looking at my website, I REALLY love birth. Every single part of it makes my heart so happy and I love being able to help support women in their most vulnerable time. Its such an honor to be invited your sacred space.

3. I am an Extrovert. I am very outgoing and can talk to anyone for hours. If you have had a phone consult with me you probably noticed this. It just another reason I love being a photographer. I enjoy meeting all my clients and getting little glimpses into your lives. It makes me so happy that I get to follow some of my clients from the maternity phases to the toddler ones!

4. I love adventuring. I would much rather be out exploring new things or doing something than sitting inside. In Hawaii I could drive the entire island every weekend and never get bored. I love going to farmers markets, and events. Or exploring new little towns or places, my kids love it too which makes it even more fun. If you have something you think I should check out leave it in the comments!

5. I love the satisfaction I get when my clients love their images. It makes me giddy and teary eyed. For real. This will be a blog for another day but its totally one of my why’s.

6. I love the beach (I mean you saw the featured image). I know everybody says this but we go to the beach all the time. We love to do all things water related and just be near the ocean. Hopefully impromptu beach days don’t go away as we transition into living in Savannah! What is your families favorite area beach?!

7. I am a huge klutz. During sessions when I meet my clients its one of the first things I say because I will fall or trip over something every single time. Just don’t make fun of me, its inevitable. I mean just this past few months I took an epic fall and well fractured my patella and ended up with a knee surgery.. My husband thinks I need a bubble.

8. My friendships mean everything to me. I had the best friends in Hawaii and its one of the main reasons I was so scared to move! Finding other adult moms who want to sit in their pjs eat pie, drink wine, and watch t.v together was amazing. People who love your kids as their own and would do anything for you. I really hope I can build the same type of friendships in Savannah.

9. I am a food person. I will try anything once and most of the time I will like it. I am so sad to be leaving Hawaii with all the amazing food choices but excited to see what we can find in Charleston. If you have some must have places to eat, I would love to hear them!

10. I love trash t.v. YUP I SAID IT. I love all those shows that make you go “oh no” the entire time. I also love anything by Shonda and Riverdale has been my current binge. I will stay up for a few hours after everyone else has gone to bed just to have some alone time and be mindless for an hour or two. Its wonderful.

If you read all of this I applaud you, and I hope you feel like you know me a little better. If you have any questions always feel free to ask!

Savannah Birth Photographer- Samantha

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