Baby Registry Items You Didn’t Think to Add

Baby Registry’s, The Most daunting task of preparing for your new baby. There are hundreds of baby products out there and even more opinions on which ones you will need. If you have any fellow mom friends I am sure they have told you all about everything their baby loved. Well guess what, this list has nothing to do with the baby and everything to do with you.

This is the list of things that people don’t really talk about needing because after birth care isn’t as cute as the rest of it and nobody prepares you enough for it. This is the list of things that you register for to help you survive the first month of motherhood. Your registry doesn’t need to be all about the baby, so lets get to it!

Always or Depends underwear

Think of these as just another set of diapers to add to your list! Afterbirth you will be bleeding for a little while, it is basically like a heavy period. Most of the time you will receive these disposable mesh underwear and they are nice but these are so much better. And you are not taking a chance on your good underwear when you use a pad on them. (I have also heard great things about the Willow underwear, and guess what you can try them for free!)

Extra Long Phone Cord

Not only is this helpful during labor and delivery but during those times you have feed baby at 3 a.m and amazon shop at the same time (if you are a second time mom I am sure you know what I am talking about. I cant be the only one who doesn’t understand why phone cords are made so short, but this thing is a lifesaver.


These are washable/ reusable breast pad inserts and they are so much better than the disposable kind. The disposable are so rough on your most likely sore nipples. These ones almost feel like a soft velvet and you just wash them when you are done! Saving the economy and your wallet one leaky boob at a time!

Comfortable Pajamas

Everyone is always excited about cute outfits for baby, throw some on there for you too! You might already have some at home but I am personally not much of a pajama person. I wish I would have bought some big comfy pajamas that didn’t cling tightly to my body and that were easy access for breastfeeding.


Doula working with wrap

A lot of people hire doulas for labor and delivery support but did you know you can also hire one for post partum support? An extra pair of hands to not only support your new baby but YOU is an awesome gift. “Mother the mother.” trust me this is one you wont regret.

Birth Photographer

Maybe I am a little biased here but not hiring one for myself was one of my biggest regrets! Birth photography is an investment and one that I find is so important. Not only will you have those first moments with your baby to cherish for a lifetime, you can relive your birthing experience and can help heal any birthing trauma you may experience. Birth IS beautiful and one of the most significant moments in your life.

Meal Service

You are home all day trying to survive with a newborn and you are lucky if you remember to drink your coffee that you have already microwaved 3 times. Do yourself a favor and add this to your registry. Another great idea is to create a meal train and send it out to your friends and family after baby has arrived. Let them help you as much as you can!

Cleaning Service

Seriously. This is the last thing you want to worry about. Do yourself the biggest favor and hiring a cleaning service or a dedicated family member to come once a week and do a basic clean. If you are anything like me it will save your sanity. This is 10x more true for those csection mamas who need to be extra gentle during recovery

Nipple Care Items

In case nobody else has told you the reality of breastfeeding, I will. Its hard and its painful and its the most rewarding thing. As your baby gets used to latching, and you get used to supporting that your nipples will hurt. They will crack and bleed and be dry. Sorry but its reality for some and normal. Add some Lanolin cream and some hydrogel pads and maybe even some booby tubes to your list. Clogged ducts are no joke!

All the Little Things

Well I might as well add these just in case you missed them scrolling Pinterest or hearing about if from your mom friends. These are the things that you will 100% want at home and hopefully if you birth at a hospital will receive in your little “goody bag”

  1. Stool softener. Because nobody tells you how hard it is to go after having a baby.
  2. Ice/hot pack. You will want to put ice in places you have never thought to ice before. Getting a dedicated throw away pack for this is highly recommended.
  3. Peri bottle. Most places supply this to you but if you have multiple bathrooms in your home I would keep one in both. Frida baby makes a great one!
  4. Tuck pads. You will stick these in places you didn’t think to stick things as well. They will bring major relief to your bottom area.

If you are looking for a great platform to create your baby registry I highly recommend Babylist lets you add things from different retailers but the best part of all it lets you add non traditional things that your friends and family can put money towards. This is a huge game changer!

Have an amazing idea I missed? Feel free to leave it in the comment section!

Written by: Samantha Byrd- Savannah GA Birth Photographer

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