Waiting on Rowan

I wrote an entire blog about waiting on Rowan. Starting from the Bennetts baby announcement to maternity pictures, I have been waiting on baby Rowan to get here so I could complete the story. After last night the story I wanted to tell changed so here I am writing an entirely new blog post.

Shannon welcomed two babies prematurely and they were sure Rowan was going to be the same. I have been on call for what seems like forever but of course in true Bennett fashion Rowan had to prove them wrong. Shannon made it to the 37 week mark which she had not done before and was told she could see the midwives if she had wished. I not so jokingly joked that hey, now you can have a home birth if you had wanted.

Well I guess he heard me or Shannon secretly agreed because that is exactly what happened. Shannon called to let me know she was having some contractions. 20 minutes later called back saying they were gonna head in and pick me up. I pack my gear up and head outside to wait (they live about 4 houses down the street) and didn’t see any sign of them. So I decided to walk on down to their house and walk in.

First thing I see is Murphee down stairs which I assumed was getting ready to load up in the car. Then I notice I don’t see Cori or Shannon. So I head on upstairs to their room and announce myself. When I walk in I see Shannon laboring over the sink and Cori standing behind her giving some counter pressure. This baby was coming NOW. I grabbed some towels and they asked me to call 911 so I did. Within a few minutes Rowan was here!

Cori was amazing as she encouraged Shannon and helped catch baby as Shannon pushed. Shannon, gosh, I just cant even explain how much of a rockstar she was. It was a beautiful moment and an even better one when their two girls came in to see the action!

After some baby snuggles and oh my gosh reactions EMS arrived shortly after and checked them both over. They took them to get checked out at the hospital. To say this was incredible to watch was an understatement, I am so happy I got to see my friends bring their sweet baby boy into this world and even happier to have been able to capture it for them!

Welcome to the world Rowan Paul Bennett

Born November 25th a 2:50 am weighing in at 7lbs 13oz

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  1. Keshia says:

    SAM!!! These are incredible! So beautiful! Congratulations to them on their new bundle of joy!

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