Twins Breech Birth

I am so excited to finally be able to share all about these beautiful twins I captured coming into the world!! I was pretty darn excited when I was contacted because I have not photographed twins before! After a few text exchanges, I knew this was something that I wanted to make happen for them no matter what.

During the call I learned that Tara and Nicky have an amazing story. They have an older son Bailey and a sweet little almost 2 year old Hazel. They had gone through the IVF process 3 1/2 years ago and had 10 embryos. Their first daughter Hazel was carried by Nicky but was born premature due to some complications. Nicky was unable to carry the next baby and after some talk it was decided Tara would be carrying this baby.

Long story short they were blessed with twins!! Hazel and the twins are both from the same set of embryos. I think is just as neat as it gets, as well as both being carried by one of their moms.

I finally got the call that Tara was being induced and I was so excited to head to the hospital! When I arrived Tara was at a standstill and not progressing. I decided to step out and grab some coffee in the lobby. When I returned up to the room she was almost complete and ready to head down to the OR to deliver.

Nicky and I got suited up and she played Tara their song on the ukulele before heading on down. It was such an awesome thing to watch their love and admiration for one another. After a few minutes of pushing Baby A was born and shortly after baby B’s toes were popping out.

They were both united with mom shortly after to get some love then sent on up to the NICU. Baby A is a girl and almost a full pound bigger than her brother! Surprise, its BOY GIRL TWINS!! After a short stint in the NICU they are finally home and I hear everyone is getting adjusting well and growing wonderfully!

Welcome to the world sweet babies.

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