An Oahu Home Birth- Audrey

Today I attended my first home birth as a birth photographer and it was obviously amazing. I have been capturing births for the last 2 years but have not had the pleasure of taking on any home births! When I first sat down with Audrey I knew she was meant to be my first  and I was so excited when she decided to officially book me. 

My phone rang around 2:30 and it was her husband letting me know it was time. Luckily I already had my gear with me so I dropped my daughter off to the sitter and I rushed over hoping to beat Oahu’s rush hour traffic. When I arrived Audrey was a goddess, dressed in her purple night gown I’ve never seen someone birth so elegantly. She was in her zone working through the contractions. Her sweet son participated the best he knew how, and was just wanting to be near them. Feeding her ice chips just like dad, and showering her with love.

The phrase “How do I know if I am crowning” was mentioned and I remember looking at her astonished like oh honey you know. And not even 2 minutes later sweet Tuck was born. Her birth was beautiful and was everything she could have possibly hoped it would be.

Her husband was the greatest support (and honestly is in the wrong job field, someone needs to become a Doula). Her midwife team was such a calming presence and just solidified her entire birthing space. Their newest addition is seriously the sweetest little guy. He arrived a short 45 minutes after I got to their home, 2 hours from the call!  He took to breastfeeding within minutes of being earth side. If I wasn’t done having kids, watching Audrey be so amazing was definitely inspiring for another little one.  If you want to check out their full gallery check the link below! Happy Birthday Tuck!

Care Provider: Jaymie

Location: Schofield Barracks, Oahu Hawaii

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